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HASG to ADVAN; Reconsider Exit Plan

Following the announcement by Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria (ADVAN) to withdraw from the Heads of Advertising Agencies Sectorial Group (HASG), Dr. Femi Adelusi the HASG Chairman has called on ADVAN to reconsider her decision, emphasizing the ongoing efforts at mediating and addressing all issues with Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON).

OR gathered that Dr. Adelusi reaffirmed HASG’s dedication to foster an industry that seeks enduring paths to progress for all key stakeholders. He stressed the importance of resilience and unity among all parties during this challenging period to achieve the common goal of industry growth.

The HASG believes that effective resolution and progress are best achieved through active negotiation and dialogue. The Chairman of HASG reaffirmed the advertising sectorial group’s commitment to engaging with all stakeholders to articulate specific challenges and desired changes in the regulations, aiming for prompt and amicable resolutions.

ADVAN concerns regarding the advertising regulations and the enforcement of the new ARCON law has been made known in recent time. The HASG has been in constant dialogue with ARCON to find lasting solutions to issues related to the ARCON Act, social media regulations, and the reconstitution of the Advertising Standards Panel (ASP) with ADVAN citing “misalignment between the current actions of HASG and its stated objectives” as the reason for their exit.

The letter of withdrawal by ADVAN states, “While our participation in HASG provided valuable opportunities to collaborate with dedicated industry professionals, we have come to the realization that there is a misalignment between the current actions of HASG and its stated objectives. Despite our repeated engagement, our submissions and contributions have not received the acknowledgment and action they warrant. We firmly believe that a successful joint committee can only be attained through a commitment to transparency, accountability, and inclusion by all parties involved.”

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