OOH advertising rapidly becoming environmental branding

Outdoor advertising as a medium of advertising is rapidly evolving, from the early days of the ancient Egyptian merchants who made marks on stones, to the days of crown posters, wooden billboards on roadsides then to a broader definition of Out-of-Home advertising and suddenly it’s becoming environmental branding. These contemporary branding solutions being provided by the medium for businesses or companies are eye-catching, head turning and of course delivers the audience at the most cost effective budget. No doubt, ambient advertising mediums will make sure your message achieves the highest possible chances to be seen. These powerful, cost effective ambient advertising solutions guarantee businesses big brand promotion, chance to interact with the target audience and get closer to the point of sale than any other traditional media.

With the adoption of the branding phenomenon in place of advertising as we have it under promotion, being one of the four Ps of marketing, it would not be out of place for outdoor advertising practitioners to start seeing themselves as environmental branding solution providers. Perhaps, this might help to change the mindset and inspire creativity in practitioners. Plenty of advertisers have pointed out that traditional forms of advertising have become less effective in communicating with your customers. It actually segregates the market and force advertisers to look at creative and productive solutions.

The creativity behind turning a roundabout or interchange into a branding opportunity that does not only provide visibility for a brand but also give the brand mileage through corporate social responsibility (CSR) should be represented with a broader term than outdoor advertising in my own opinion. Likewise using truckside advertising and street team advertisers to position your message straight to your targeted audience. Environmental branding undoubtedly will enable your business to stand between the crowds and deliver the results you wish.
Advantages – closer to the point of sale, high impact and brand exposure, local, national, or regional campaigns, perfect for sampling or distribution, can operate day or night, less cost per thousand impressions, a professional and reliable service and most crucial has ability to pinpoint your target audience, customer and market.

Ideal for – Standing out between the crowd, busy pedestrian areas, high class street ,retain atmosphere, reaching specific audience, recruitment drives, new stores and product launches, film premiers and PR opportunities, sporting events and concerts, conferences or trade shows, in-store displays etc…

Be it targeted for pedestrians or  passengers vehicle, it has the power to reach or communicate mobile customers. Specifically, it plays a crucial role in a media plan by reaching consumers who receive less exposure from traditional channels such as print or broadcast.

Just as identified by the organisers of Outdoor Conference held in London some years back, “3rdspace is the space we inhabit outside of our homes and offices”. Truly, environmental branding generates double attention than any static billboard.

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