iSANELY and Creatively Great Outdoor Advertising Executions

I believe! Just like Martin Luther King Jnr but this time around the dream is centered on Outdoor Advertising execution and what they should really look or feel like. Indeed, they must be insane!!! Otherwise they merely become part of the environment, as they would not stand apart in the space that is constantly begging for attention.

The environment can be usually noisy or even too conservative in some part of the world, which offers great opportunity to Outdoor Advertising to cut-in and dominate the space with insane and creative executions. The ubiquitous nature of the medium permits Outdoor to touch consumers everywhere they go and such is the power of this great advertising channel.

From the days of the ancient Egyptians that inscribed on rocks to the modern time Digital Posters, we have seen Outdoor Advertising transformed through the ages. Technology has played a major role in the progress of Outdoor Advertising and would remain so for many more years to come. Interestingly, at the center of the greatness we acknowledge people who make things happen including technology. The creative team that make up an advertising agency must be constantly challenged and even encouraged to deliver the ideal content for Outdoor Advertising campaign if the client’s media budget would really get accounted for at all.

Successful brands world over can credit Outdoor Advertising through the many insane and creative executions that have helped build these brands. I recently gathered and tried to review some insane creative executions of few big brands to appreciate the power of Outdoor Advertising when content is allowed to take the generic place and be crowned king.

A look at Mini Cooper’s success story would reveal that the brand has over the years leveraged on insane and creative Outdoor Advertising executions. Mini Cooper not only has creative Outdoor Advertising…they have creative ways of displaying them and always find creative places to put them. From the Let’s Motor campaign, then there was the mini in a box, what are you doing this weekend? and one more “sleek track” billboard.

Looking through all the insane and creative Outdoor Advertising executions that have helped Mini Cooper to build a great brand, I can only ponder thus; what do you think of the out of the box Outdoor Advertising campaigns for such a small product but yet a successful car brand?

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