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The Rebirth – Nimbus media unveils new logo

New logo of Nimbus Media Limited

In furtherance of its mission to provide clients with more cutting-edge data, create aesthetics for the audience, and make value for property owners, Nimbus Media Limited has announced The Rebirth, a strategic rebranding and expansion of the company’s frontiers and offerings.

Nimbus Media Limited is a ten-year-old company. The CEO, Wale Adegoke described how the company has grown in leaps and bounds over time. From being registered in 2011, to having their first concession and installation of their first screens in Ikeja City Mall, to having their first client in 2013. They truly have come a long way.

According to the CEO, the growth and expansion process has been quite remarkable. A company that began with just two people has grown to roughly 20 full time employees and a number of contract staff, expanded its operation locations, and is now utilizing a variety of platforms. Collaborations with other vendors, allowing clients to work with them on a third-party platform. These are some of the changes that have been implemented since the birth of the company.

Adegoke went on to compliment the company’s technological capabilities and how digitization has helped it boost its value and productivity. Digitalization, according him, played a key role. He further explained how, in the past, contents were uploaded on to each digital screen at various malls using flash drives and now with technological advancements, contents are now easily uploaded remotely.

“The rebrand is to shed light on how technologically-driven Nimbus is as a company.” Adegoke clarifies. Speaking further on the new logo, he added, “Nimbus is a light radiating from the cloud, and by exploiting the cloud to its barest potential we intend to have our solutions uploaded to the cloud.”

The incorporation of a cloud-connected network of screens would aid solutions that provide clients with more cutting-edge data, such as infographics of their audience and the amount of time they spend viewing the material. In terms of embracing the internet, he spoke on how the new logo provides more versatility in the digital space.

Basically, the rebrand is to leverage technology by bringing new goods and products to medium and large businesses, allowing them to deliver the market to their clients.


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