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ARCON Slams Offensive Trophy Larger Beer OOH Advertisement

The apex body of Advertising in Nigeria, Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON) has condemned the exposure of non-vetted Trophy Lager Beer advertisements in Kwara state without the requisite approval.

In a statement issued by ARCON and signed by the Director General, Dr. Olalekan Fadolapo, noted that the said advertisements which have offended the sensitivities of some sections of Nigeria’s ethnic and religious communities were neither submitted for vetting nor approved by the Advertising Standards Panel (ASP) for exposure.

“The advertisements are considered reprehensible and are in violation of the provisions of the ARCON Act and the Nigerian Code of Advertising.

“Having failed to comply with relevant regulatory frameworks which hold that all advertisements, advertising and marketing communications in Nigeria or directed at the Nigerian market shall be legal, decent, honest, truthful, respectful and mindful of Nigeria’s culture, religions and constitutional tenets, ARCON has ordered the removal of the advertisements on all media platforms nationwide”, Fadolapo stated.

He further said that ARCON will take all necessary and appropriate steps to ensure the violators are sanctioned in line with the relevant laws.

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