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The Nigerian Out of Home advertising industry like in other markets of the world cannot afford to play down the importance of audience measurement much as other media. Over the years, the industry have clamored for audience measurement solutions to justify the crucial role of the oldest form of advertising even here in Nigeria. Promoters of value in Out of Home advertising have always remained in the forefront of sourcing for the ideal measurement solution that would further make the medium accountable beyond mere relevance.

In an effort to ensure that the Out of Home advertising industry in Nigeria joins the the league of other OOH industry in developed economy, Wireless Value B. V., a Dutch company based in Netherlands is here to offer viable wireless measurement solution for outdoor advertising amongst other sectors that might need data that provides more professional insights. This technology has been developed and deployed around the world by Wireless Value B.V., a Dutch company based out of the Netherlands.

According to the Sales Director of Wireless Value B.V., Amal Siewertsen, “measuring traffic around your billboard is valuable information. In this way it becomes clear what the busiest periods are per sign and you can compare the traffic data of different locations”.

Amal brings her decades wealth of experience in Out of Home advertising from international renown sign manufacturing sector to play in another value adding solution sector. She added, “we measure traffic per direction and make this transparent on our dashboard. The data can then be viewed in graphs and tables and can be downloaded for further processing”. She also mentioned that she had reached out to the leadership of Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN) to give member companies the needed solution advantage.

The company is set to officially introduce the wireless technology and solution to the Nigerian market via a brief presentation aimed at describing the solution and its application. According to the promoters, the technology uses sensor technology to measure audience engagement on out of home advertising platforms. However, in compliance with the COVID-19 guidelines the planned conducting of a brief presentation for members of sector on the 24th of March, 2021 at the Radisson hotel, Ikeja would have limited space but provisions have been made to accommodate the industry via online technology joining access.

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